MTI Ultimate Team


To join our team, please complete some documents needed below (you may write in English or Bahasa):
1. CV
    Content :
     a. Identity (name, [semi-formal] photo, and other general identification)
     b. Profile/about me (describe yourself in 30 – 40 words)
     c. Education
     d. Experiences:
          • organization (inside & outside MTI)
          • project (committee, etc.)
          • work / internship
     e. Achievements / awards that have been achieved since college (optional)
     f. Training that has been attended (seminars, workshops, or other forms of training) and is relevant to the division applied (optional)
     g. Skill (software & softskill)
     h. Division-specific needs (e.g. portfolio) (depends on division needs)

2. Motivation letter
     a. Self introduction
     b. Reasons for joining BP MTI staff 2021/2022
     c. Motivation to become staff of 1st choice division
     d. Motivation to become staff of 2nd choice division
     e. Hopes/expectations when becoming a staff of BP MTI 2021/2022 in general and division staff of choice 1 and choice 2 in particular.
     f. Commitment while being a staff of BP MTI 2021/2022
     g. Anything else that you consider relevant to your division choices

3. PVA test (

All documents saved in pdf format and compiled into one archive as zip.
File name: NIM_CV; NIM_Motlet; NIM_PVA; and NIM_Recruitment for the compiled zip.

That’s it and you’re ready to go!