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MTI ITB is a student organization that works under the principle of kinship.
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Dear MTI 2020,

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Kesenatoran MTI ITB represents MTI on the highest level of student governance at Kongres KM ITB and also as MTI ITB's representative

General Secretary

Provides primary assistance in administrative and technical support for MTI ITB stakeholders and students

Professional Development

Department that can broaden horizons, hone skills, and add connections to form MTI's bachelor who are ready for the world of work

People Projects Management and Development

Bureau whose job is to ensure the achievement of the development of MTI members


External is the department that explore the potential for positive collaborations to benefit both MTI and it's partners


Ensuring MTI members are aware of the fulfillment of their own life wellness and the surrounding environment

Strategic Business Units

Strategic Business Units is the department that provide usefulness in the form of artwork to MTI members


Representative of MTI members whose responsible for MTI's continuous improvement.