Project Management


Projects Management always accompanies, supports, and develops with MTI members through super cool projects.
In this division, you will learn about many things that are directly related to the project. Not only that, here you can also get a place to implement TIMR studies directly in the MTI project, especially MTI graduation and MTI Night.


  • Involved in the planning and implementation of sekolah pimpinan proyek MTI
  • Responsible in design and implementation of MTI projects initiation phase
  • Involved in monitoring the progress of MTI projects

Competencies to be developed

  • Have a high curiosity about project management
  • Have passion and willingness to learn new things
  • Have a high commitment to the task and work

The Team

Head of Project Management

Rachmani Aisha (TI'18)

Vice Head of Project Management

Siti Khairunnisa R. (TI'18)