Community Service


Community Service is a form of real action that can be given to the surrounding community through motivation and insight that has the aim of empowering the surrounding community based on a sense of concern and a spirit of service in carrying it out.

“Success is not only about wealth and throne, but about spreading love, happiness and sharing knowledge to help others.”


  • Designing and executing collaborative activities related to the community in the context of self-development of the MTI masses
  • Find and collect social issues that are currently being discussed in the community
  • Raising, managing, and distributing funds to communities in need
  • Documenting and recapitulating all activities carried out

Competencies to be developed

  • Have a sense of concern for the others

The Team

Head of Community Service

Imelia Astrit (TI'18)

Vice Head of Community Service

Luthfiana Firdaus (TI'18)